Design Win Tracker

Design win tracker is an annual subscription service that reports on the full genealogy of all the phone and tablet teardowns completed by Chipworks. The full subscription includes:
Teardown Reports
Over 100 Basic Product Teardown reports available within days of product release
Full genealogy spreadsheets
A cumulative weekly spreadsheet with full genealogy on +250 phones/tablets per year
Unlimited image downloads
Download of all photos of any device on the Chipworks e-store
Chipworks shopping list
A monthly report of the phones and tablets on our shopping list for the next 30 days
Design Win Tracker is fully customizable to suit your needs
  • Subscribe to a single socket instead of a full subscription
  • Add lab credits to your contract so you can have more in-depth analysis performed on “n” devices per year
  • Provide input to our shopping list so that you can see the genealogy of very specific products

Why is this valuable to you?

Go to market faster with winning products by leveraging the most accurate and reliable competitive technical intelligence in the industry:
  • Spot disruptive market events from your competitors and be alerted to the entrance of new players
  • Make better product decisions and save months of development time by staying on top of your socket’s market share
  • We can go as deep as required so that you can discover the unique or exceptional features of the most innovative and disruptive products that matter most to your team

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